Penne was the matron of honor in my wedding, is my first born's godmother, my first true friend in college (we met literally on day #1 when we moved into the dorms 30 years ago as of last month). I am her first born's godmother and was the maid of honor in her wedding. This past summer you might recall my having spent some time with her at a vacation home of hers. Well, she had this brilliant idea for us to meet halfway between our homes, which are about 180 miles apart, for lunch. It was a super easy drive last Thursday to meet her at a fabulous restaurant she chose. It is her birthday this week but that's not why we met. We've lived this close for 10 years and I'll be darned if I can figure out why we never did this sooner. Penne said "let's do this every week!" though monthly might be as much as I can swing. I have to note that she also is a breast cancer survivor having been diagnosed in May 2008 and she is now cancer-free!

Anyway, I love this woman and I wanted to share her with you. First photo is of the two of us. Second is with her "Hot Wheel", which is her "play" car (she typically drives a sleek, huge SUV). It's so cool! She drove away in that. I drove away in my minivan, LOL!


Penne and Stella lunch 

Pennes Hot Wheels