As a demonstrator, I can choose to be "certified" as being knowledgeable in our new product, My Digital Studio. Part of the certification process involves going through the process of creating, then having SU print, one card. I wanted to use an existing template offered in the program then add my own personal touches. I did that to see how truly quickly I could whip one out. I think it took me 5-10 minutes, max.

This software is NOT all about digital scrapbooking. It's a creative tool that does allow you to digitally scrapbook PLUS a whole lot more! I know what I pay for other software and I think that given what this does, it's really an excellent value. After my cards, I'm going to share (tomorrow) my friend Patty's cards that she generously mailed to me. The ideas are endless!

The front of the card. The sentiment was in the template. I added the line saying it was from our family. Not the best photo, sorry.

MDS card 1 

Inside, I added another personal touch plus I used the color matching tool to match the font color on the inside with one of the blue letters on the front. That took about 2 seconds to do.

MDS inside card 

And, finally, we card makers feel compelled to give ourselves credit for our creation on the back of the card but the MDS product does not have the ability (yet) to customize this area. Beyond giving ourselves credit, I am also a business woman so I need to advertise to anyone looking at my card how they can get the product to make her own cards (and more) for herself as well. So, I took my friend Patty's lead and had a stamp made for me (page 137 of the main catalog). Remember that personalized stamps do not have to be all about name and address.

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