My son, Michael (the skeleton in the photo), and his best friend, Connor, experienced an unexpected and definitely unplanned trick-or-treating surprise by a sweet little old lady.

The boys were at the tail end of our power trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. They knocked on a door and a little old lady answered holding a bowl. Naturally one would think her bowl was full of candy. Actually the sweet elderly lady looked very surprised and it was clear she had forgotten it was Halloween. She was watching TV snacking so she told the boys the healthy attributes of eating nuts and how delicious they are and she tossed a handful of nuts into each of their bags. Thank goodness they are both polite boys as they thanked her enthusiastically and wished her a "happy Halloween!". Yes, there were some snickers & giggles from the three of us later – hey, it was even a first for me and I've trick-or-treated for over 40 years, LOL!

When we got home, older sis laughed her head off then said she wanted them as she loves to eat walnuts. She got the nutcracker out and she went to town on the boys "treats" from that little old lady.

Here are the two trick-or-treaters and, below, a few of the famous nuts. It goes without saying that I did not reach for the nuts but for chocolate instead 😉 What a fun memory!

Michael and Connor 

Halloween walnuts