I joined Scentsy last week. What is it? Simply, they are decorative (and gorgeous) "candle" warmers that are wickless and operate by plugging them in offering a safe method of scenting your home – no flame – no fire – no smoke – no soot – no lead – no worries. The high quality paraffin wax blend only heats to a hair above body temperature or similar to the low heat of paraffin that is used for any body waxing (like your eyebrows). Meaning that if a child or pet touches the wax it will not scorch or hurt them. I LOVE that!

There are about 80 scents and 75 warmers. Lots to choose from! The scents are made from both natural and manufactured fragrance oils, depending on the scent.

I've been told the company has been exploding with 300% growth monthly. Did you know that 70% of American homes use candles? Hugely popular product and in an industry that is ripe for a newcomer (like me) to really turn this into a viable business fast especially as I feel this is still early in the company's history (it's 5 years old).

There is no single product priced at more than $30. The shipping is ridiculously low = 10% no matter how small the merchandise total and, right now, any order of $150+ has free shipping along with the perks of that size of an order.

You do NOT have to have an in-home party. You can buy online 24/7. I am about to add a Scentsy button on this blog to facilitate shopping but for now, you can find Starter Kit information, the catalog of products, photos to see more of what this is about, etc… here on my Scentsy site.

Looking to get in on a new company while it's in its explosive growth? Starter Kit is only $99 and the requirement is that I have to sell $150 in any one month, every 3 months. And, guess what, I can sell AND recruit to Canadians as well as anyone in the US. HUGE potential!

QUESTIONS?? Find Scentsy's frequently asked questions here.  Link to the company's main website to learn more here.

If you're looking for a lovely holiday gift, if you're looking for a hot new business opportunity to help make ends meet please consider Scentsy and me! You can both, shop and join, on my website.


Here's the November Warmer of the Month Holly Berry ($27) and, beneath, the scent of the month.



Here's the December Warmer of the Month Candy Shoppe. $27