Doug celebrated his birthday Friday. That afternoon he began "celebrating" (tongue in cheek) with his office holiday party then he raced to a fellow elementary school for a 6th grade basketball tournament where the team he is coaching plays for the very first time then he raced home to shower and change to attend Kendall's first high school Father-Daughter Dance. What a night. He was exhausted when he got home about 11 PM and his birthday flew by with nary a notice. Poor guy 🙁

But the fruit of his hard work thus far as the new boys 6th grade coach resulted in our team taking 3rd out of 16 teams which is a great finish for us! Here's proud Dad with Michael and trophy which Dad is hand-delivering to school to give to the principal tomorrow. I told him "I get a morning off from driving to school?? that's the best part of your winning that trophy!"


And here's father and daughter last Friday on the way to the dance. Ahhhh… how cute!

Doug Kendall