Shelli Gardner, Stampin' Up!s CEO and cofounder will be on The Today Show (NBC) this Friday, December 4 during the 4th hour of the program. Please note:
In some markets the fourth hour of the TODAY Show is not shown directly
after the first three hours; I recommend you check your local listings
by visiting
 the NBC website here.

Stampin' Up! is one of the annual donors to the Christmas Today Show Toy Drive and has been for years. Every year, the show invites a couple of the partner companies to send a representative to talk to Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al and this year Shelli was invited! This is GREAT for Stampin' Up! as now millions more people will know how wonderful our CEO and SU are.

And… it's a nice way to remind all our customers that SU is always participating in some act of kindness towards others. Although I believe that "the true philanthropist is anonymous", where corporations are concerned it's the norm to let others know what you do with your product, besides sell it.