Two new additions to the Scentsy line as of today, January 1, 2010 plus the photo above is the January Warmer of the Month – Hugs Kisses ($27 – see all January choices by clicking here and now.)

  1. Start the New Year off with double the Host Rewards (double the number of half-price items) for any party
    of $150 U.S./$200 CAD in retail sales in the month of January.* So, instead of
    earning one half-price item on a $150 party, you will earn two half-price
    items for parties held 1/1/10 through 1/31/10! And, remember, all $150+ US orders ship FREE and $200+ CAD orders ship for 10% of the product total. See color flyer here

    offer does not include Host Credit (percentage of free product) and cannot be
    used to purchase the following multi-packs: Perfect Plug-Ins (MP-PP26), Perfect
    Scentsy (MP-PS26), Scentsy Sampler (MP-SS312), and/or Double the Scentsy

  2. Do you have a favorite college that you cheer and root for? Scentsy just added 12 new universities to the existing lineup! See color flyer here Download 2010_JANUARY_CAMPUS_COLLECTION_FLYER

Universities available now but only in the USA:

  • Available NOW $35 each

    Boise State University (in two
    different colors)

    BYU (in two different colors)

    Duke University

    Oklahoma State University

    Texas A & M

    University of Kansas

    University of Utah (in two different

    University of Washington


    Available February 1, 2010 $35 each

    Florida State University

    Louisiana State University


    University of Colorado

    University of Idaho

    University of Missouri

    University of Montana


    More colleges will be added as
    licenses are approved.

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