It's not too late! I read a post on a stamping website last month sending out a call to make Valentine's for senior citizens living in nursing homes or senior care facilities, etc… My Stampin' Up! group name is Stampers for Others so integrating card making with putting a smile on a senior's face was a perfect partnership.

Two of my downline (Cathy and JoAnn) and I met on Saturday for a few hours and managed to produce about 75 cards! I am waiting to hear back from someone in a philanthropic organization I belong to (Assistance League) who may be able to connect me with a group of 80 seniors. If it pans out, I'll make 5 more cards and it'll be a great fit! If not, we have so many senior homes in my town that I know it'll be a piece of cake to distribute the cards quickly this week.

I believe there are 11 different card designs we made between the 3 of us and we kept replicating some to get to that total of 75. Keep in mind we specifically created simple cards to be able to mass produce them quickly. I'll post 3 today then filter the rest on here Tuesday and Wednesday.

As I said, it's not too late! Some senior care facilities are inside private homes and only have, perhaps, 6 residents. I bet that with a few minutes of phoning, you can find one quickly in your area and be able to crank out even just a few cards to make some senior citizen's Valentines Day full of love! And if you don't have time, make just one card to give to an elderly neighbor or someone that you see at church and sort of lonely? Good luck! I'll let you know where our cards end up.