To all my many customers and downline nationwide who are freezing their patooties off and who keep asking me to send them a shovel to help them dig out…. I am sharing a bit of nature and spring from California. I absolutely LOVE camellias and when we bought this old house 18 months ago, it came with 4 different camellia bushes that happen to be blooming right now. It's been a funky winter here in that we had a freeze that killed several of my flowers 🙁 and not enough rain then torrential rain – like a weather yo-yo. Whatever the conditions are supposed to be for prime camellia blooming, they are here now and I wanted to share. Took these photos in my front yard just a few minutes ago:

C1 C2
The flower above and this one below are huge. They're below my daughter's bedroom window so when she opens her curtains in the morning, this is what she might see.