I love St. Patrick's Day! I might be one of those rare people who loves corned beef & cabbage. Only have it once a year but today I am attending a luncheon where it'll be served then I have my own in the Crock Pot already on its way to becoming our dinner tonight. I wish I had corned beef hash for breakfast but ya can't have everything 😉

As a Catholic, there's a little bit of Irish in me having rubbed off from all my many Irish friends. Though I'm 100% Polish, I love ethnic and cultural traditions. I know our American fuss about this holiday is likely laughed at in Ireland but I love to pretend it's a big holiday and act accordingly. Gotta wear green, read limericks today, eat corned beef & cabbage and maybe lift a beer or two (there are 2 bottles of beer in the Crock Pot so maybe that'll count as the recipe called for it!).

Here are some G-rated limericks to make you giggle today (trust me, limericks can be R-rated!):

There once was a young girl
named Jill.
Who was scared by the sight of a drill.
She brushed every day
So her dentist would say,
“Your teeth are so perfect; no bill.”

There was a young lady from Leeds
Who swallowed a package of seeds.
Now this sorry young lass
Is quite covered in grass,
But has all the tomatoes she needs.


Is Algebra fruitless endeavor?

It seems
they’ve been trying for ever

To find x, y, and z
And it’s quite clear to me:
If they’ve not found them yet then they'll


How to spell the potato has tried
Many minds, sometimes mine, I’ll confide.
Though it may have an eye,
There’s no E – don’t ask why!
Not until it’s been baked, boiled or fried.


A funny young fellow named Perkins
Was terribly fond of small gherkins.
One day after tea
He ate ninety three
And pickled his internal workings.


There was a young fellow named Flynn
Who was really remarkably thin.
When he carried a pole
People said, “Bless my soul!
What a shock to find out you’ve a twin.”

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!