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KCRA is a local TV-station
in Sacramento. Every year they ask viewers and their website readers to vote on
the best businesses of Sacramento to make the "A-List". I belong to Assistance
League of Sacramento
which is a 40+ year old philanthropic organization that
provides many services to our community particular involving children (free
school clothes, free vision screening, teddy bears for kids in crisis at a
hospital, puppet shows in schools on relevant topics such as drugs and
bullying, college scholarships, etc…) and many other important services that are also helping
our local adults.

Most of the funding for our programs comes from our fabulous thrift
shop Second Season. A few months ago, we won "Best of Sacramento", which is a HUGE
honor in our community by our local Sacramento Magazine. Now we want to do the
same with this local TV station's "A-List". The more exposure we have
means more customers which means more sales and that means more funds to help those in need in our

Oh, and a cute tidbit: they
call our shop "the Nordstrom of thrift shops" as it's really nice
with really nice merchandise. I work there two days per month as a volunteer and
it's a blast!


Here’s what our chapter
shared with me today – Second Season is a nominee in the 2010 KCRA 3 A-List
contest. Voting began Monday, March 29th, and runs through Thursday, May
. So please login today and vote. Ask
your friends (that's YOU!), neighbors and family to help Assistance League take the #1 spot
in the ranks (as of this moment, we are #5)!


What is the KCRA 3 A-List?
The KCRA 3 A-List is an annual contest to find the best businesses in the
Sacramento area. Our category is FASHION -Vintage/Resale.


Here is how to go online and

1. Voting is conducted
exclusively by computer. Go online to


2. Move the contest
categories by clicking on the blue arrow. Find “BEST Vintage and Resale.”


3. Select the yellow "GO
" button.


4. Scroll until you find SECOND
and click CAST VOTE.


box pops up and asks a few simple questions. Registration is free and painless.
It's KCRA’s way of ensuring that the contest is fair and accurate. After one confirmation email they won't
email you again unless you sign up for updates.


6. Click the blue box REGISTER
and you’re all done.