Me! We did it, we did it!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for all my customers who did their part and my downline who did their part because YOU helped me earn a cruise for two to Alaska next May! I have wanted this trip more than any – it's the 5th I've earned through Stampin' Up! I've even suggested to my hubby that we drive to Seattle as it's not that far (we like long drives and this one is 760 miles) as Oregon is gorgeous and we'd pass right thru. We may take a child or two or three. Child four will be in Europe for a semester – nope, I don't feel sorry for her if she misses Alaska especially when she says "I think when you're in Alaska, I'll be in Portugal" (brat!). Anyway, lots of time to make detailed plans. But, for now, I am jumping up and down!

Here's the ship I'll be on:


And here's something I can't wait to see – the Hubbard Glacier.


Woo hoo… I'm going to Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!