I have really shielded my blog readers from this but, finally, today's the day to reveal more. I have cervical cancer. BUT after 3 weeks of waiting to see the oncologist, my outlook is very good. My gynecologist initially said, based on his exam and the biopsy report, "Stage 2 or 3 but likely 3". Crud, I was scared. Today, after a 3-week wait, I met with the most AMAZING gynecological oncologist who works for a CA university hospital (read in "the best in our area") . She examined me and determined that what my gynecologist thought was Stage 3 cancer is actually Stage 1B1. A LOT lower stage and very treatable. Thank GOD, literally!! And lesson learned: rely on the specialist, not the general practitioner.

I have not mentioned this on my website for reasons that involve protecting my four precious children from too much communication about this. I need a hysterectomy and maybe more but that will depend on the pathology from my surgery. Today, however, we toast my NOT having Stage 2 or 3. With 4 children, this is a JOYOUS day!!!!!!!

My journey is documented here and it requires every reader to "sign in" with password that you select so I can see who is privy to my private life http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/stellamackay

Thanks for all the amazing support I've received thus far! Keep it coming 🙂

The cervical cancer ribbon colors are teal and white. Pretty!