Came home from convention, immediately had a houseguest for the night (my son was driving a family friend who flew in from England to a family gathering of his 4 hours from our home) then a couple days later his wife and daughter arrived and stayed with me 3 nights which was an awesome visit! All the while I was recovering, physically, from convention. I went to convention only 3 weeks post surgery for my cancer and I was able to hold my own but came home exhausted.

That segued into my first appointments with my radiation and chemo doctors. I started radiation last Thursday (4 of 25 treatments done so far – yippee!) and I started chemo this past Monday (every Monday for 6 hours for 4 more treatments). These two are working together to function as a means to cut my recurrence rate in half. It's all preventative as the cancer was cut out during surgery but there is always the risk of rogue cells that cannot be detected and I was in a category of intermediate (on the high side of intermediate) risk due to how large my lesion was and that there these cells found right at the spot that poised them to move into my lymph system (but they didn't) and they want to zap and chemo me to turn my chance of recurrence down to about 10%. I hear that as 90% chance that it won't ever come back!

So……… that's turned this demonstrator who just got another year under her belt on the top-100 Demonstrator of the Year list (5 straight years!) AND who was awarded the highest honor in our company of being selected by our CEO to be on the national Advisory Board into…. a temporary dud of a demonstrator 🙁 Stress is something I've been avoiding and my being so disconnected and blah is making me stressed.

I need sales to keep my business viable and to kick start my year. I need recuits. I am not doing all the things I ordinarily do to inspire either sales or recruiting. I'll try to do better and I'll hope for support from all you dear customers who will buy from me even when I'm not enticing. I am going to put some convention photos up as often as I can as there is so much inspiration there and do my best to create my own things to share but I have to be realistic as to my energy level. I will do my best!

Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to pop onto my blog even when it's bare. I'll put a couple of cool card ideas up in a jiffy.

Much love to all who have been there for me during this goofy time for me. All those prayers are being answered every day thanks to you praying for me!

You are welcome to follow my health updates if you like via my Caring Bridge site found here: It does require a sign in but it's free.