Being treated for cancer is not all bad. I have met some wonderful doctors and nurses along the way. Every week, I have a lot of medical appointments. On Sundays and Mondays I go to the same place (Infusion Center) for blood work then chemo (had my last chemo today!). You get to know some of the Infusion nurses – I think I've been there 10-11 times now. One such nurse, Julie, has been there more days that I've been there than any other nurse.

Early on, I was ambitious and took Stampin' Up! work with me to chemo (now not so much). Of course, I also took my catalog and the Holiday mini. On one of those first visits to Infusion, I was unloading my new Greenhouse Gala Laptop Case with all my SU stuff in it and Julie walked by and said something like "so you're going to be Stampin' it Up! during chemo today?" I was thrilled that she recognized the SU logo on my laptop case! Naturally we started a conversation about SU! and Julie shared that she relocated a few years ago but she still drives about 90 minutes to her former demonstrator's regular gathering with her small group. (I think that's cool – I love loyalty!). But she did not have the Holiday mini yet so I gave her mine and we went through it together just so she could "ooohhh" and "ahhhhh".

Yesterday Julie was on shift when I went to get my blood work done and the dressing changed on my PICC line. I was telling her that I was developing a small rash around the adhesive/tape that's just above my right elbow where the PICC line is. That's not unusual. As Julie took the tape and dressing off to change it and inspect it, she said something like "well, it doesn't look like an allergy.. otherwise your skin would be pink or really red and it's not red" then about a second later she corrected herself with a grin and said "I meant to say – at least it's not Cherry Cobbler!" You gotta love it! We laughed and I gave her major kudos for the quick wit and making it a Stampin' Up! analogy!  Talking & laughing about what I love to do always has therapeutic results.