Stampin' Up! did something new. We had our own, private Regional Seminar here in St. George, Utah. It went from 8 AM to noon. Really good. Even though it was a half-day regional, they gave us all the projects (6) for a full-day. No time to finish all but I loved having so many so I can take the ones I didn't finish home. We were given the set "Day of Gratitude" from the Holiday Mini Catalog. That was used for all our projects. Gorgeous image, especially the largest image. I'm 100% Polish and it seems very eastern European to me for some reason.

Back to the hotel for lunch which was pasta with 3 choices of sauces. As we finished lunch and the hotel staff cleared our plates, they magically appeared with mini Pizooki's. If you've never been to a BJ's Brewery, they're individual brownies (or cookies) baked in a small round skillet then topped with chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. How did they have over 135 skillets??? I had to forego the chocolate for health reasons so they brought me a scoop of ice cream. It was so cool to watch everyone's reactions as this dessert was a total surprise.

Chatted a long time with other demos, went to play Plinko (where, this is funny, I won my 3rd spool of ribbon – 3 Plinkos = 3 spools of ribbon) and then back to my room for an afternoon nap. Never ended up sleeping. Made the mistake of checking email and time got away from me. But… great news – I have a new member of my downline! She and I both will receive the Eat Chocolate stamp set that will be in the Occasions mini. Fun!

Met Patty for dinner and we went to Five Guys. I could actually eat the burger and it tasted fine. Progress as the chemo did such a number on my taste buds, tolerance for food & smells and my appetite. I think I'm turning a food corner, thank goodness.

After dinner we got into our jammies for our Business Share with all demos present then our swap. Sweet Bonnie Thurber, part of the SU staff, urged me to sit in a chair (rather than stand during the swap) and as it lasted a little longer than an hour, it was a blessing to be sure! I haven't even looked at the cards yet as I came back and just crawled into bed about 11:30 PM which is way late for this wilted girl.

When I came back to the room, though, yup another pillow gift. This time it was fun and unique – a pink bowling shirt. Hmmm…. we ate in teams that SU formed the first night, we have bowling shirts, we have a surprise event on Saturday (3 hours in the afternoon), I wonder what it could be, wink, wink 😉