When I attended my Advisory Board retreat in Salt Lake City last week, I was asked to share a bag filled with items regarding my personal favorite things. We all made one for each of the other 7 board members and our CEO, Shelli Gardner (for a total of 8 identical bags filled with identical "things").Monday night we donned our matching jammies and went to Shelli's gorgeous and sprawling home where we would share our bags with one another.

Well… as timing would have it, I was pretty handicapped at the time I was to collect these favorite things, due to being in the middle of chemo and radiation, and I could not shop for anything for anyone. It was sad and I felt that I'd be letting everyone down (though I know they understood). What could I do so that I was able to somehow contribute and participate? A lightbulb went on and I decided to ask a good friend, and former 2nd-level downline, Abi Crouch, to use our brand new Stampin' Up! Candy Cane Christmas fabric (pg. 16 of our Holiday mini catalog or found online here then click Products then Shop Now then Holiday Mini then click to view "All") to create a bag that would allow me to have something cute and tangible to give. Abi is a terrific seamstress, wonderful gal, and she sells all sorts of fun fabric items on her website and Etsy store.

At Founder's Circle (the few days before the Advisory Board retreat) I gave one of the bags (Abi made me 2 extra for a couple of special downline friends) to a friend and she ordered quite a few as Christmas gifts! So, I'm sharing Abi's creativity to inspire and as a shout out if you're interested in hiring Abi for your sewing needs.

Abi's website is http://monkeytreecreations.blogspot.com/ or click here.

Abi's Etsy store is http://www.etsy.com/shop/monkeytreecreations or click here.

Abi bags 1

Abi bags 2