Ahh…. a chance to sleep in. Meandered to breakfast then hung out in the Gathering Place. We had nowhere to be till the bus came at noon to take us to our surprise event in our fun, pink bowling shirts. It was so fun to see 120+ women all in the identical shirt.

The bus took us back to the same venue as our Regional Seminar (a convention center) and we were brought into a big room set up with dining tables decorated in 50s theme with soda fountain and Coca Cola accents. All around the room were 12 huge screens for us to play Wii bowling! I was instantly a little intimidated as we were playing with the special group that Stampin' Up! put together that dined together the first night (Catherine, Tami, Erika, Julie, Joanna, Kim, Sherill and me). I didn't want to be the weak link and ruin the fun for them but it turned out really well. Every gal in our group was so nice and so encouraging. Others had not played Wii so I was not alone. It was so much fun!

We then had a contest where each of the groups had to create a cheer. Thankfully Erika is a former cheerleader. Four in our group had the youthful flexibility to do cartwheels! (thank you Catherine, Tami, Erika and Joanna!). The cheers were SO clever and funny. It's amazing how much creativity and competitiveness resides in the Founder's Circle group.

The bus then took us back to our hotel where I rested for a bit then met up with Patty and we had dinner. Chatted quite a while in the  dining room then I called it a night.

Saturday I will make my way to the local airport to rent a car and I'll take a scenic drive to Salt Lake City to start the Advisory Board retreat. Founder's Circle was excellent, as expected, and now it's time for Part 2 of my trip. Stay tuned!