This week I've designed a home decor plate to springboard you into creating with our Decor Elements vinyl art. I think, from start to finish (not counting the time to buy the plate), I made this in under 10 minutes. I told you these ideas would be duplicatable!

First, I started with a 99-cent plate from Goodwill. Mine measures 12" – more like a serving plate. It's larger than it looks. I washed the plate and dried well.

I had ordered the Real Red Candy Cane Christmas Decor Elements from the Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini catalog (page 36 – details on ordering below). It also comes in Old Olive You can cut the images apart or use them as shown. You can get a lot out of one sheet! I decided to put the tree and the birds together as though the tree were outside and the birds were pecking about at the foreground of the tree.

Cut out the image you want and sorta see how you'll arrange it.

Burnish the image. That means turn it "face down" with the checked side up and rub really well with our applicator. What you're trying to do is push the image onto the transfer paper in front of it and allow you to peel off the backing paper to reveal the sticky back. The photo below is after I burnished and peeled.

I lay the image down carefully on the plate as it's now sticky and I use my fingers to place it where I want it then I rub again with the applicator to get the image stuck to the plate. I then very gently peel back away from the edges. Don't hold onto the backing and peel up. Hold the backing and peel so that what you're peeling sort of folds back onto itself. Slow and steady wins the race!

See top photo for finished Christmas decoration. Come on, was this easy or what? And super inexpensive. See below for item number and how to order so you can make yours!


Products used:


  • Candy Cane Christmas Decor Elements (Real Red #120912, Old Olive #122297 – $14.95)
  • Decor Elements Applicator (#114285, $1.95)
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