One of the most lovely features of the old home we bought in 2008 are its 3 camellia bushes. They are so laden with camellia's right now. Coincidentally (not), the camellia show is going on this weekend. I saw it advertised in the newspaper and though I'm not attending, it inspired me to go outside and take a good look at my beauties. I took the photos at the wrong time of day today – sun is making the photos washed out. Just can't see how vibrant they are but you will get the idea.


This is the bush the blossom was on. They're just dripping on this bush.


And here's the next phase in our garden – the first sign of spring approaching via my tulips popping up. When I planted the bulbs about 2 years ago, in our new home, I really thought I had bought daffodils. What a surprise when they bloomed!


Hurry up spring!