I have learned something about myself. I can easily obsess about social media (blog or Facebook) but I cannot seem to do both at the same time! I just realized it's been a month since I've put anything on my blog and I'm shocked at myself. Where have I been? Reconnecting with a bunch of friends via Facebook. Uh, I think I'd better find a balance. We did also travel out of state for Easter and Mother's Day was in there (my excuses). 🙁

I went to a swap weeks ago now that I loved. It was a shoebox swap which, if you're unfamiliar with that term, simply means that we each bring the ingredients to make #x of cards and we rotate from station to station (or pass a shoebox around a table with our card ingredients and the sample in it) making 12 different cards, for example. Some swappers prep more than others so we could be doing something as minimal as just assembling or we can be stamping and cutting and punching.

Out of this swap, I came out with a bunch of amazing cards featuring stamp sets out of the new Stampin' Up! Summer Mini Catalog. I will feature one per day for the next couple weeks.

I'm going to start with one of my favorites using The Open Sea. I'll be honest. I was not in love with this set but, you know what happens when we then see a sample with a set we're so-so about? We then can't live without it! I could tell that story a dozen times.

This was designed by demonstrator Karen Felix. Love it! (do not love the photo – just bought a new camera which won't be arriving till next week).


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