I love the simplicity of this candy purse project. It only takes minutes and will be so appreciated by your recipient!



Cut a piece of 11 1/2" x 3" Designer Series Paper.


Score at 3", 5 3/4" and 8 1/2".


At 5 3/4" score, snip from left onto score line about 1/2". Do the same on other end.


Fold at 5 3/4" score line so that paper makes upside down V.


Then fold the other two score lines so that the whole thing makes a W.


Cut a 7" piece of ribbon and slip about 1/2" into the cut slits and adhere with Snail. This will make purse handle.


Adhere a Ghirardelli square {Stella loves the caramel ones!} to each side of where ribbon comes out. Sticky Strip is best as it's super strong – you can stick your child to the wall with this stuff! 


Fold it all up as shown in photo then pierce a hold about 1/4" from top and insert brad as purse snap.Now give it to someone – it's not fair to keep it! 


Of course, you can embellish the purse in a zillion ways to jazz it up. Have fun!