I had a photo of cake pops that Trini brought to a demonstrator meeting June 28. Link to that earlier post here: http://www.stellarstamps.com/stampin_and_scrappin_up/2011/06/sharing-an-idea-for-some-adorable-decor-for-those-hot-new-cake-pops.html

I received inquiries as to how to make them. Trini very kindly typed all this up for me to share with you! Wasn't that cool of her??? These are all her words…..

This is your basic cake pop. No frills. Just plain, simple and delicious. It’s a great first project for newbies.

  1. Make a 13×9 cake. Any flavor you like, just follow the instructions on the box. Let it cool.  Experimenting with cake flavors and frosting is the funnest part of making these little treats. My favorite so far is Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.  Crumble the cake (if the cake is light color like yellow or strawberry I cut off the crusty parts and only use the color part, they look nicer inside) and add in 3/4 to 1 can of frosting.  It should feel like playdoh and not stick to your hands.  I use my Kitchen aid mixer to crumble the cake and mix in the frosting using the dough paddle.  This method is very quick, if you are in a hurry.  Throw it into the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  2. After refrigerating, dust off your Playdoh skills and form the mixture into balls (also fun for the kids). About Pingpong ball size.  Place the balls on a pan then place a sucker stick into the top of each cake ball. Pop them into the refrigerator for another quarter hour.
  3. While waiting, start melting your candy melts.  This part you might have to play with a little.  If your melts are too thick for dipping add some crisco start with a tablespoon stir it in until melted.  Test a pop, check consistancy add more if you need to. You will be able to tell once you start dipping.  (WARNING only add a little at a time. Too thin coating will just not look right and too thick is just a big mess. Also if you are using a microwave keep an eye on your candy if it burns you will ruin the coating, I have done this and you can't save it. Melt for 1 minute at a time and you should be ok.)
  4. After 15 minutes in the fridge, dip and swirl each pop into your candy melt. 
  5. Once you’ve got an even coating on the cake pop, place the stick into a Styrofoam block while the candy melt shell hardens.  If you would like them to stand stick up place on wax paper so the bottom is flat.  I wrap them in petite cupcake wrappers they fit perfectly. 
  6. Announce to your family and friends that the cake pops are ready. Be prepared to break up fights. (Yes, cake pops are THAT good)
  7. If you are up to making designer cakepops here is a great place to get ideas.  www.bakerella.com  She is the Cakepop Queen.