I love to give. It gives me a huge feeling of warmth. And when I receive a thank you, I feel that warmth again. And if that thank you is via a handmade card, I'm almost on fire!

This past week, I received three stunning thank you cards that I wanted to share.

I got a convention t-shirt for my teammate and friend Sarah Wills and she sent me this card as her thanks. Sarah lives in Austin and told me today was the 57th day where the temps reached 100+. Rather than a t-shirt, I should have sent Sarah a swimsuit, some ice, a fan… something more useful right now!


Then I had a damaged (but fixable if you know what you're doing) convention bag that Stampin' Up! is replacing. I offered that bag to Sarah as a gift for her being my #1 in sales & recruiting for the past year and this was her thank you.


While taking photos of the cards on these see-through decorative shelf thingy's, someone in my family was trying to help. Meet Gracie and her left eye.


Today I received this card from fellow Advisory Board member and Canadian demonstrator, Karen Duke. Karen's birthday was while we were all at convention and I brought her a little gift.