Today started bright & early with a 7:50 AM deadline to be ready to leave on the busses to Kanab and our manufacturing facility 90 minutes away. This might be my favorite part of attending Founder's Circle. I absolutely love seeing the faces of the hard-working employees who manufacture the core of our product line – our stamps. And what's really cool is that they tell us that our visit is the highlight of their year. It's a love fest!

We drive up and were surprised to see the entire staff there to greet us with signs saying that they love their demonstrators!


The foyer had a lovely sign for us.


Above the manufacturing plant is the most gorgeous apartment for Shelli and her family when they visit Kanab (it's 312 miles from Salt Lake City).



We weren't allowed to take photos inside the plant where the manufacturing takes place but they have this cool rock marker at the entrance that demonstrators love to have their photo taken in front of. Check out that sky! The day was glorious.


Also, while in the manufacturing plant, we saw them making a set we didn't recognize… hmmm…. yup, it's a set for a future catalog and they gave us each one as a gift! Wish I could tell you more but until I can make a card with the set, I can't tell you what it is. Stay tuned after I get home for a sample or two using this upcoming set.

After seeing the plant we were bussed to a local park for a picnic lunch. Our lunches were waiting for us in our own little picnic basket.



Posing with my friends (from left to right), Ruth, Denise, Sharon and Patty in front of the red rock cliffs above the park.



See the park's playground? Guess what the ground cover is…


…yup, ground up rubber bits that Stampin' Up!s CEO and her husband donated in addition to privately paying to revamp the park a couple years ago.


We stopped to shop for souvenirs at Denny's Wigwam on Route 66 in Kanab. How often do you get a chance to see a real stagecoach up close?


Came back to our hotel where I visited and dined with friends then hung out the rest of the evening. Just returned to my room to find yet another surprise on my bed.


What is it? Something made of fabric.


It's a handmade apron created with our fabric!


With this coordinating brooch pinned on the pocket.


What a great day! Tomorrow, I'll assemble my Make N Take's, try to squeeze in some shopping then we depart at 4 PM for our surprise, closing night activity. Nighty, night….