While enjoying some chatting and some wine Saturday night at Founder's Circle, along comes Patty Chenail and Dawn Rapsas who had been enjoying the jacuzzi at the hotel. Well, Patty had this cute little inflatable raft that she had friends sign with a Sharpie and she needed to pack it to take back to the east coast so while chatting she begins to deflate it.

Patty and the raft quickly become the highlight of the night.

Hmm… it's not going as quickly as Patty would like so she gives it a little squeeze and next thing you know the woman is a contortionist and we are howling.

Behold Patty and the raft.


No, this photo is not oriented wrong. Patty is horizontal as she squishes the poor defenseless raft while laying on it. All I could see was Patty's head on the other side of the chair that Sharon Armstrong was sitting in.


Apparently, as the raft deflates, air is shooting up Patty's dress and she's enjoying it just a little too much.


When in doubt, hug it to death.



For the final squeeze, Sharon back away to avoid getting wet again from the spray off the raft. And, there is a happy ending to this story. Raft is flat as a pancake now and we all about peed our pants!