New item from Stampin' Up! just announced & released! A Digital Plate for our Simply Scored Tool. Check it out….


Product Features

  • Sits on top of the Simply Scored base
  • Held securely in place by rubber pads on back of the plate
  • Has etched grooves every 1/8"
  • Can score any size card stock up to 12" x 12"
  • Includes instructions for creating common envelope sizes
  • Coordinating products included
    • Simply Scored (item 122334)
    • Simply Scored Place Markers (item 125625)
    • Simply Scored Stylus (item 125624)
    • Bone Folder (item 102300)



  • The new Diagonal Score place has limitless possibilities for creation–especially when the price is just $11.95.


  • The Simply Scored products are just what they imply–simple! This new plate was designed to make everything that deals with scoring easy. The plate includes the same 1/8" spacing as the Simply Scored, so each groove of the diagonal plate corresponds with the ruler–and all of your projects!


  • The Diagonal plate contains wonderful features like two silicone patches on the back to hold it in place while you are scoring your projects. It also has this arrow on the back to help you use it correctly. Just make sure the arrow is pointing to the ruler before you use it.


  • Are you worried about finding another place to store your tools? The Diagonal Plate stores easily right on top of your Simply Scored, so you’ll know exactly where to find it.


  • You’ll be ready to make envelopes of all sizes when you order your own because the plate comes with an insert that details dimensions for three different sizes of envelopes!!