Today was a full day. A general session with all of us present (twice), a few classes, lunch on the run, more classes, shopping (again) at Memento Mall, taking photos of a zillion more cards then, whoops, accidentally deleting ALL of the photos I'd just taken today… yup, every single one. I do have a lot of photos from today but mostly of Awards Night. Tomorrow… I redo some of the photos I lost.

Oh, and about Awards Night. I am soooo blown away and honored to have placed in the Top-10 in 2 of the 3 categories where they tell us a ranking. Ten out of 35,000 or so? Yup and I miraculously pulled that off twice. Shaking my head. And I also was recognized for being in the Top-100 overall in the USA. Three huge awards. Am so humbled and happy! It was too late to take photos of my awards (some designer treasures) but I'll do that tomorrow.

Here are the photos I have of today: