I'll start with the "good stuff" and link to  Day 4 of Stella's photos. Caution: 622 photos taken just today!

Today my post will be about honoring the simply amazing folks who work so hard for us at Stampin' Up! They are a huge reason for the love I have for the company.

The day began with a General Session and corporate VP Amy Swartz welcoming us and sharing her beautiful family with us. I have endless respect for Amy. She is the classiest woman and brilliant.


Then witchy Shannon West presented holiday projects while wearing her version of "business casual". She had a little help from her kitten Brian Pilling.


Here's the wonderful (x 1 million) & beautiful Bonnie Thurber who always wins the hearts of everyone in the crowd with her humor and deep sincerity. I love this woman. I wish she lived next door to me.


Later, in Memento Mall, I had the pleasure of a hug and a quick hello with corporate president Rich Jutkins. Super real and funny guy. You can't not laugh or smile around him. He reminds me of the cheese semi-trucks that say "you can't say Swiss without a smile" … I don't think you can say Rich Jutkins without a smile.


And here's our corporate hunk Scott Nielsen; he's our CFO. We tease Scott about how handsome he is but he is just a hoot and the nicest guy. I had the pleasure of being Scott's partner for the day when we had an Advisory Board activity in 2010. Just adore the guy and his wife Pam. I asked him to make a date for Pam and I to share some fruity beverages in exotic Fiji. I hope he doesn't forget!


Though Holly Linford wasn't part of today's activities for me (below, right), well that is unless you count my finding her cell phone that she lost that I heard about in the restroom, she deserves a shout-out for her superior grasp on My Digital Studio, her UltraBrite smile (young people won't get that reference), her bubbly demeanor and her wow singing voice. Who knew? In the photo below Holly sang a duet with Bonnie.


The next few photos symbolize the entire Stampin' Up! staff as these were taken a couple days ago at the corporate headquarters in Riverton. These folks work tirelessly. The whole place, including the manufacturing staff several hours south, all came to welcome us on the opening day of convention. Can you imagine another company sending its entire staff to honor its sales force like this? Here's our distribution warehouse which, to me, represents the guts of the place and all those who work for us behind the scenes.



The idea room is made up of wall to wall dry erase boards. Demonstrators touring the home office could leave a message and, boy, did we! Members of my team, Christine Bellow (gray pants) and Cathy Williams (black capris) get ready to write their message on the wall.


And here's the ultimate person to honor and thank… our CEO and co-founder, Shelli Gardner. I have never met a kinder or more genuine professional woman. There's so much positive to say about Shelli that I'll just say that I thank this woman every day for providing the back-drop for some of the most wonderful opportunities I've ever experienced. She is the most pure-of-heart leader and it all trickles down. Thank God for leaders like Shelli.


I am a happy and humbled Stampin' Up! demonstrator today.