Cathy and I (above at Memento Mall) had this very similar goal this year (our 5th attending together) and that was to not follow a rigid plan and schedule. We have saved countless seats, left one activity early to get seats for the next, same with tables for lunch, getting up hours early (think 5 AM) to get in line for the 9 AM opening of the logo store that is set up for us…. you get the idea. We decided to just "go with the flow" so as to savor more and stress less.  I could not believe it when we woke up this morning to no alarm… oh, wait… we did get up to an alarm… the one that was set for 6:30 AM by the previous guest that was in our hotel room! Best laid plans……..


So, we had a non-rushed breakfast, meandered over to the displays (where I took phase 1 of the display photos), went to the Awards Booth where I was absolutely thrilled to have qualified for the annual Founder's Circle achievers event again (more about that Thursday night after the awards night event) then we shopped at Memento Mall (no line at lunchtime), had lunch with Christine Bellow and her roommate Alana, went to Riverton (corporate office) to see how they've updated the "Legacy Room" which is a showcase of what SU is all about and to say thank you to all the staff there, then back for dinner, a class at 7 PM then I went to a private gathering with my beloved 2010 Advisory Board group at 10 PM (I feel like I have 7 sisters via this group). And now I sit here typing.


I took 400 photos today.  It's 1:15 AM. Rather than plucking out a few cute photos, I consolidated yesterday and today's photos into a Picasa album. No captions or descriptions. Note that of the countless cards on display, many were created or shared with Stampin' Up! using product that recently retired. The images may be unavailable but the idea lives on. Here they are… enjoy!