Though the Stampin' Up! convention officially begins Wednesday, July 18 when we check-in through the 21st, I always come in early so I can soak it all in and get settled. Cathy and I flew in about 9 AM and spent a bit of time exploring Temple Square, the seat of the Mormon church. Sincerely gorgeous grounds. I joked that it rivaled the cleanliness and freshness of Disneyland and that's a high compliment if you've ever seen how Disney cares for their properties!

Cathy wanted to see their famous geneology center so we went there and en route I asked Cathy to pose in front of the Mormon Temple.


There was a historical Assembly Hall on the grounds and its reflection in this contemporary building's windows was a very cool contrast so I snapped a photo.


After Temple Square, Cathy and I met up with Georgia Giguere and Robin Merriman for a very fun and delicious lunch at the brand new Cheesecake Factory.


After lunch, Cathy and I attended a swap event with about 100 other demonstrators. The attention to detail was amazing. There's Cathy in the white blouse chatting with another member of our team, Christine Bellow (in striped shirt).


The event organizer, Lisa Rodriguez, who flew in from Japan for this event, made a bunch of really amazing treats and gifts for us all to have. The attention to detail was very impressive.










Upon returning to our hotel room, I went through the 100+ swaps I received. I'll post some of my favorites over the next few days. Here's a sampling. I don't know what it was about this card as it was ridiculously simple but I loved it. The theme of the swap was holiday but not regular ones… offbeat ones. I was boring and did Christmas but there were plenty of random and unknown little "holidays".

This one is to honor "Mitten Tree Day" on December 6. Demonstrator Janice DeWitt created it. Isn't it just adorable? Not every day you see a Mitten Tree card 😉


To honor "National Friendship Day" on the 1st Sunday of August, Sue Schemp created this teabag holder.


It's just made of one die cut from our "Top Note" die.


Another celebration of International Friendship Day is manifested via this card by Tracy Bradley. I think the floral focal point (say that three times fast) is stunning.


I'll end the day with this sweet gift card holder by Denise Pedersen.