My daughter's high school requires parent service hours. I do ours every year by creating the 80 gifts that the school ambassadors give to the elementary school feeder school principal and 8th grade teacher. As the school colors are red and gold, it's always easy to know where to start. This year I chose to make mini legal pad covers.


They are sincerely quick and easy. I will add dimensions to this post within a day or so. I misplaced them and need to measure them again.



Might be hard to see but there's a pocket on the inside of the cover (left below).



And here they are all wrapped up for gift-giving.


I buy a pack of 24 mini legal pads (either white or yellow paper) at Sam's Club for about $5.50. That makes this project dirt cheap since you only need 1 piece of 8.5 x 11 card stock per cover, a little more card stock for the embellishments and some Sticky Strip. Super, super easy.