So those reading this know what was going on this week…. I offered my 1st ever Hostess Code Raffle. Every customer who applied a certain code to an online order of $50 or more would get 1 entry per $50 into a raffle for all the hostess benefits. The orders combined had to be a minimum of $150.

If the orders hit $500, then I'd draw two winners who would split $80 in the product of their choice for FREE plus 1 each any item at 50% off. If the total was $700+ I'd draw 3 names and so on. The contest ended last night and here is how it ended up:

  • 11 orders totaling $658.37 – wow and yay!
  • That means that size order triggers $100 in free products of her choice and 2 items at 50% off
  • Because we were in the $600-699 range, we drew TWO winners who will each choose $50 in the product of her choice and 1 item at 50% off.

We use a very scientific method here at the MacKay home. It involves bits of paper, a Sharpie, a lovely handmade bowl and my teenage son who is an expert at raffle-name-picking (he does it weekly for a demonstrator team activity I have). 

Here are all the names entered – 1 entry for every $50 in orders:


Michael mixes them up vigorously. Note the blurry photo due to his taking this task seriously 😉


He was to draw two names and the first name is……


And the second winner of $50 in the product of her choice and 1 half-off item is…..


Thanks to ALL who "played". I wish everyone could win 🙁

Cindy and Robin: you have a few days to get me your $50 in product choices (item numbers and names please) and if you want a 50% off item, let me know what it is and we'll figure out payment. I will order no later than March 31. Please email me at


If you want to play? Let's do it again. This time the code is good for all orders through Monday, April 1 (don't want to end it on Easter Sunday) and I'll draw the winner/s on Tuesday, April 2. You will have till that upcoming weekend to get me your order so I can close it on Monday, April 8.

We must have $150 to have a raffle.

The new Hostess Code is: 6VZ9QJJZ

Where do you put the code when you order? See image here:

Hostess code

Good luck and have fun!