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Tick, tick, tick…. final day to shop, host or join is March 22. See all the details on a prior blog post here:


Please remember that our $99 kit (ships FREE) is made up of $156.50 in the product of YOUR choice. Anything your little heart desires. Yes, you can choose 20 adhesives, etc… Just making the point that there is no boundaries or structure suggested. It's just like shopping and filling your cart.

My question always is "why not?" It's like a $57.50 coupon. You do have to join to be a demonstrator but the time between today and when you would have to turn in $300 in sales is MONTHS – by July 31. That is your TRIAL PERIOD with no risk or strings. Think about it but not too long as this sweet deal ends Friday, March 22.


To join, go to and choose Join Now on the far left. It only takes minutes if you start with a shopping list and are ready to go.

Shop, host or join… it's all ending March 22!