Michael (child #4) has
an annual magazine drive at his high school – the ONLY annual fundraiser he participates in. Last year I ended in 2nd place overall in his school of about 1100. Yup, YOU helped him do that, thank
you!! Right now, he is #2 overall but he is a bit behind where he was at this same time last year and the sale ends this week. He needs a bit more NOW.

DEADLINE: the evening of Wednesday, October 2.

unique ID code is 22DS86Q (you may enter this code to identify Michael) 

store link is: 

This is what it will look like once you log in after you enter his code:


I never ask anyone to do more but only if you were going to renew anyway or order anyway or were looking for a gift for someone, this might be for you. Some of the combo deals are amazing (2 magazines at dirt cheap prices).

To sweeten the pot for you, if you are a customer of mine or just a stamper I will give you 1 free gift worth about $5 for every subscription you buy.

The deal = for every 1 subscription you
order, I will send you 1 Basic Rhinestones or 1 Basic Pearls or any 1 1/4"
Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (pg. 173 of big catalog) 
PER subscription
(a combo subscription of two mags for one price counts as 1). Once you order,
please email me if you prefer rhinestones or pearls or which color of ribbon or
3 of this and 2 of that, AND include your mailing address
since the report we get on our end does not tell us what you ordered specifically (by title) or what your address is (I like that as it protects your privacy).