The card I featured on my blog, as part of the April 15 Stamper's Dozen Blog Hop, will be outlined below. If you take it one step at a time, it's really quite easy. Ready?


  • Card base 4-1/4 x 9-3/4
  • Score at 5-1/2 on the widest side
  • Measuring from the score line, measure up and down from that score line on both sides at 2-1/8 and using a light pencil mark, mark it so you know where to score again
  • Score the "X" using the marks you just wrote in pencil ( 2-1/8" above and below horiontal score line on each side)
  • At the top, with a pencil, mark the center at 2-1/8
  • Cut from that mark to the side score marks on both sides
  • Fold on the score marks (the X and the straight score line in the center of the X)
  • Fold in to create mortar board


The next two photos are of the inside of the card – the white part you write on.

  • Measure 3-1/4 on both sides measuring from the bottom. Mark with pencil.
  • Mark center of top at 2"
  • Cut from that center point to the marked line on each side


Please refer to these photos of the finished card for points of reference.




The tassel – I cut about 8" of red 1/4" grosgrain ribbon & I removed the white thread.


 Fold the ribbon in half then tie a knot very close to the top. Then take super sharp scissors and trim off the edging of the ribbon on each side. Snip both of those edges off really close to the knot. 


Take the ribbon and begin fraying it. Without the edges, the horizontal weave should come off leaving the vertical threads as you can see on the left in the photo below.



Affix tassel by simply making a hole in the center of the card (before you add the square white inside piece) and push through a brad that has been pushed into the top of the tassel. Affix brad then adhere inside white card stock square to inside of mortar board.

That's it! If you're not sure you "get it" practice with a piece of copy paper to make sure you get the score, fold and cut lines right. I promise…. it's easy. Have fun!