From now through next June, I am giving away one free stamp set per month – woo hoo!!! All you have to do is place an order with me in my online store (every month would be swell but not required). No minimum order. Why make it complicated? One entry per order and each drawing will include all customers who ordered any time in that calendar month. Pretty simple.

I will use to scramble the names of the customers who order (I always toss them up 10 times) and the person whose name is on top gets her choice of any of the sets still available. I have 15 sets and 12 months to give them away. Who doesn't like free?

Month #1 is July and this will be retroactive to July 1 if you have already ordered with me. If not, you have till July 31 to place an order. First name "drawn" in the first week of August. I will ask you to choose your set right away and I'll mail it to you. 

Here are the 15 sets you may choose from. Every month I will mark which set was taken the month before.

Free stamp each month

Note, the last set (A Fitting Occasion) has been mounted – somehow I had a duplicate so I threw this in for fun. All other sets brand new!

Order 24/7 in my online store HERE.