Sheltering tree trio

A Valentine challenge: I invite you to send just one hand-stamped Valentine to someone who is ill, lonely, grieving, in a nursing home, etc. Brighten someone's day with an UNEXPECTED card! You have more power than you know to cheer another.

I have a stack of Valentine cards going out…but the most IMPORTANT are going to a friend in her 80's who just got home from a month's stay in the hospital and another long-term friend (a lady who mentored my sorority in college) who divorced over 40 years ago, is childless and still grieves the end of her marriage. We all likely know one person who would be so grateful for a warm hug via a handmade card. And if you don't know anyone like that, perhaps just drop some cards off at your local hospital, senior's center, etc…

Let's make Valentine's special for those who need it most!

ONCE YOU MAIL OR DELIVER, post a comment here. All those who participate will be entered into a drawing for a surprise stamp set to be mailed to you. Deadline to comment is Saturday, February 14. I will post the winner here on February 15 and ask you to email me your mailing address.

Update on 2/6/2015: May I just say that I have the most wonderful customers and team EVER!? I have been brought to tears a few times just since I sent this info to all via email. The words of response have absolutely meant the world to me. I am passionate about moving the focus out… towards those who have any more hurdles than I do. No matter what our challenges, I know there are others who need whatever it might be much more than I do. Thank you for partnering with me to brighten quite a few people's lives for just a moment via sending a Valentine card.