Welcome to the Creative Blog Hop!
I want to thank Sharon Armstrong for honoring me with the invitation to connect to her via her blog post last Monday. Sharon invited me to be a part of the Creative Blog Hop and I am touched 🙂 I confess it is a pure coincidence that I was working on butterflies when she was as well!

I had my first workshop in a while yesterday and one of my cards is what I am featuring today. I made one sample for the workshop but I cut enough to make a lot more of these cards though with a variety of sentiments thanks to the many choices within our set – Teeny Tiny Wishes.

Teeny Tiny

Need a card for another occasion? Instead of this sentiment above, choose out of many of these (click on the image to enter my online store):

Teeny stamps

What products did I use on this card?  Supplies 1

Supplies 2

What am I working on?

I'm working on these butterfly cards and making a bunch using other sentiments from Teeny Tiny Wishes (birthday, thank you, Easter, thinking of you, get well, to name a few). My goal is to make a big dent in replenishing my stash of cards. I go through a LOT of cards so when the supply dwindles, I ramp back up again! That's what I'm working on in my crafting space now.
How does my your work differ from others in your genre?
I work full-time at a school. I have to get up extra early every day and I go to bed later than I'd like so I can work my Stampin' Up! business as well. I  feel that I have two full-time jobs and the beauty is that I love both! This may set me apart from the traditional Demonstrator and directs me to work as efficiently as I can as time is premium. Am in my 13th year as a Demonstrator and I think I've worked a 2nd job half that time. It really is a good arrangement for me. I feel even more efficient when I work as I have to be very smart about how to use my time. So far, so good!

Why do you create what you do?

 My reasons for creating are two-fold: to honor and recognize loved ones and friends during the occasions of their life when I mail a card and also to give me that sense of having done something to support them even if we are far apart. I guess part of the 2nd reason is also for me to scratch that creativity itch. I love letter-writing and, as a child, I would collect stationery.  I feel I am a little artsy and craftsy. Now I can share my love of paper-crafting via a mini piece of art when I send a hand-stamped card. It's not a Picasso… it's a MacKay!

How does your creative process work?

Due to the demands of working two jobs and having four children, I use other crafter's ideas to inspire me often. I do create from scratch sometimes but I don't feel I have to. I am very happy not reinventing the wheel. I actually really encourage copying to remove that stress for those who feel they just can't come up with their own original idea. Then don't… just copy exactly or use another card as your starting place. Works great for me and fits into my life and time constraints.

Next Monday, March 9, I invite you to hop onto my dear friend and teammate's blog – Sarah Wills who is incredibly talented and the nicest person ever. Sarah's blog can be linked to here: Sarah's Ink Spot.