SALE-A-BRATION $1000 Online Party

WOW! I invited you to party and last week's party was a 100% success. I even had to turn partiers away (insert sad face). So, let's do it again while Sale-A-Bration is still going on & you can get the most bang for your buck! If you participate, you WILL get something free out of it. I promise.

The details: 

  • Email me FIRST (so I know when we have a full group of 10) to indicate that you will place an online order between now and March 25 of $100+ using Hostess Code HVJM6SUN


  • Not recommended if your order will be $150 or more as you will earn your own Hostess Freebies.


  • Order in my online store HERE .


  • You MUST, MUST, MUST use the Hostess Code – enter HVJM6SUN on the checkout screen on the lower left. Be sure to click “Apply” after entering it – see image.

Hostess code

  • All 10 orders will be put together to make up one $1000 order, so that all the benefits of the $1000 order can be shared among the 10 participants. This is where the "party" kicks in.



  • Your order ships directly to you right after you place it - you do not have to wait until all the freebies are chosen at the end.


  • THE BRASS RING - Everyone will receive an extra GIFT; all the hostess benefits and Sale-A-Bration benefits that go with a $1000 party will besplit among all 10 participants.


  • Remember, the Hostess Code is REQUIRED = HVJM6SUN


  1. (1) participant will choose $35 in FREE SU items of their choice
  2. (4) participants will choose an item for 50% off (cannot be an item on your $100 order) – payment must be made via Pay Pal or credit card onMarch 26
  3. (5) participants will each choose $30 in FREE SU items of their choice

If we have fewer than 10 then we divide hostess benefits accordingly – if you’d be ordering about $100 anyway then this has no risk and only offers rewards.You will get something free out of this.
Participants will be drawn on March 26 using and I will notify all participants of their gift option immediately. I will need your gift choices by midnight that night. Please plan ahead! 
Shipping of gifts: I will pay to ship whatever gifts you choose – yay – my gift to you! See, this is getting better and better.

What have you got to lose? Answer: zip, zero, nada, not a thing.

  1. Order $100 or more in my online store by March 25 – click on the link in this sentence to enter my store
  2. Must use Hostess Code HVJM6SUN
  3. Be ready with your freebies choices March 26 so you can report back to me same-day

EMAIL ME ASAP at to SIGN UP to be one of the 10 participants.