Blog Hop Stampers Dozen

This month we celebrate friends. One definition of a friend, per the Webster's Dictionary, is a person who you like and enjoy being with. I have a few wonderful friends who fit that description but one, in particular, has shared a long history of sending cards and gifts to one another just because. Her name is Maria. This month's theme was perfect in that I am always looking for clever ways to wrap a gift I send to Maria. It doesn't have to be fancy or valuable…. we send one another candy or little magnets or journals… last week I got a ruler from her with a cutout that says "You Rule." With Maria in mind, I decorated a Petite Cafe Mini Bag and featured a set that is carrying over into the new catalog called "Friendly Wishes."

What's going in my bag for Maria?? Can't tell ya as she may read this!

Recipe for this project below.




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