Our biggest annual sale, Sale-A-Bration, is live for the second time this year and that is a first! We usually only have it January and February but, this year, we’re having a special summer version. One key component of it is the huge special Stampin’ Up! offers to buy a Starter Kit. WAIT – don’t stop reading thinking “I don’t want to sell anything” because you don’t have to. I’d say about 99% of my nationwide group joined and sticks with it solely to get a discount on their own purchases. It really is OK to do that. No risk, no strings, and no parties UNLESS you want them. Totally fine if you don’t.

Let’s do the math:

  • $125 of anything you want out of either of our two catalogs or clearance rack,
  • a free Paper Pumpkin kit valued at $22 (it is a past kit & randomly added),
  • a BONUS FREE BUNDLE (twelve to choose from ranging in value from $31.50 to $60.25 depending on which you select – for the list of free options please refer to page 19 of the Sale-A-Bration brochure or see image below),
  • FREE shipping (which if this were a traditional order would be about $20.73)
  • $227.98 all for only $99 plus tax! That is about $128 FREE!

Think about membership to Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s. You buy a Starter Kit (already discounted) like a membership fee then you walk inside for a discount on all your purchases. Unlike a box store, your “membership fee” is 100% your choice of products!

Let’s say you do that in August. . .the moment you buy your Starter Kit, you have the key to the door to a 20% discount off everything so you can buy the rest off your list for less through January 2022 and you decide if you want to continue beyond that. MONTHS to try it! And, yes, we get the same order benefits that a customer gets: Stampin’ Rewards for a $150+ order and Sale-A-Bration freebies when applicable, etc.

No matter what I buy, I get my discount on top of it. If we have a special, I get the same special you do PLUS my Demonstrator discount on top of that. When I joined it was because I had the mindset “if I’m going to purchase these products anyway, I want a discount on it.” Most customers (99%?) join for that reason, and it is wholeheartedly welcomed by Stampin’ Up! and me! NO pressure to ever do more. If you would be ordering $99 over the next few months, this is THE best bang for your buck, hand’s down. I LOVE a bargain. How about you?

There are NO strings, NO risk, and NO parties. Of course, you can do more if you want to but you do not have to. My nationwide group is outstanding, very genuine and kind, and probably 98% are in it just to save money on their own orders. 

Lastly, you know what is the #1 reason Demonstrators cite for why they love it so much and stick around so long? The Stampin’ Up! community. It is amazing. It’s like a special club full of wonderful and helpful fellow Demonstrators and corporate partners. I will never leave it because of the support, fellowship, and camaraderie. I can hardly put it into words. It’s a fantastic group to be associated with.

Lots of questions answered in my Frequently Asked Questions in the Pages section of this blog.

Join 24/7 by clicking the “$99 Kit” button here on my blog page or click HERE right now. Have fun building your Starter Kit!