For the month of August, ALL kits in The Kits Collection by Stampin’ Up! are on sale! This collection does not include Paper Pumpkin – that is a different kit program.

A word about kits. The Kits Collection was designed to introduce crafters to Stampin’ Up!

Did you know that kits are a huge part of Stampin’ Up! sales? There must be a reason!

Why the Kits Collection?

There are 10 reasons to consider buying a kit:

  1. Kits are pre-designed, pre-cut, and all-inclusive, which means that anyone can have a successful crafting experience with them.
  2. Crafting kits make great gifts for friends and family—think birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  3. If you are either busy, low on storage space, or both, kits may be a perfect way for you to enjoy a bit of creativity.
  4. With so many kits to choose from, there’s something for everyone!
  5. New kits are released regularly, so there’s always something to look forward to.
  6. Kits are portable. You can take them anywhere and start crafting in minutes.
  7. For card emergencies, having a kit or two on hand means quick access to beautiful, easy-to-make cards.
  8. Need something to re-start dwindling crafting mojo? Kits can be the answer!
  9. During this promotion, you can experience kit benefits at a great price! Everyone loves a bargain!
  10. Kits give you and your friends an easy way to test-drive the Stampin’ Up! experience.

See all the kits on sale HERE.