This is always the most exciting time in my Stampin’ Up! year. Not only did a new mini catalog begin today but also our biggest offer of the year: Sale-A-Bration. Covers of both publications shown above. Links to them both linked to photos and below.

The new January to April 2024 Mini Catalog is valid January 4 through April 30. Link to it HERE. (FYI: this end date is the same for our annual catalog.)

The Sale-A-Bration offer is valid January 4 though February 29. Link to it HERE.

Let me explain: Sale-A-Bration (or SAB) is our biggest sale and event of the year with three amazing and valuable parts: join, shop, and bonus shop!

Pages shown refer to the Sale-A-Bration Brochure.

JOIN – THIS IS THE BEST OPTION! (page 17): Buy a Starter Kit and choose from two bonuses:

  1. get $125 worth of the product of your choice PLUS our Stampin’ Glass Mat Studio* (a $60 value) for just $99. $159 value! OR
  2. get $125 worth of the product of your choice PLUS an additional $30 worth of product of your choice when you join for $99. $155 value! 
  3. Shipping is always FREE with a Starter Kit so that’s even more savings/value.
  4. Once you buy the Starter Kit, your orders will all be 20% off!

*Glass Mat Studio is shown on page 17 and includes the Glass Mat, Silicone Mat, and Cleaning Cloth.

SHOP (pages 4-15): Earn any or all 14 exclusive Sale-A-Bration products for FREE when you reach $50 or $100 order levels.  No limit.

BONUS SHOP (page 18): When your order is $300+ you typically earn 12% in additional product of your choice as Stampin’ Rewards (see page 79 of the new mini catalog with the ice cream cone on cover). The BONUS is an additional $30 on top of the 12%! That is a minimum of $66 in free product that you choose! Select from any annual or mini catalog products or anything in my online store. Plus, of course, all the Sale-A-Bration free products you earn that I just mentioned above. Woo hoo!

The JOIN link is HERE.

The SHOP link is HERE.