Get Your Tote

How would you like to make some extra cash to put towards those holiday bills?  You can get your tote and do just that when you join my team during Sale-a-Bration, you can earn a brand new Craft & Carry tote as part of your starter kit!  It’s a great new tote that really can hold more than it seems.  It helps you to keep all your supplies in one place and right at your fingertips.

When you join my team, you get to do something you love, make money and set your own hours.  More than that, you will become a part of my amazing stamping family and make tons of friends instantly. 
You can read more about joining my team and check out the start kit flyer here. 

It’s always a good time to join Stampin’ Up!, but this tote option makes it an easier decision.  Let me know if you have any questions about joining.  I know it can seem like a lot, but it’s easier than it seems and more fun than you realize.

Take a look at the video below to see how much the tote can really hold.

It really is a must have for all crafters, so join my team here and get your business started in 2019.



The clock is ticking on THREE Stampin’ Up! opportunities

Around this time, for years, Stampin’ Up! has its biggest annual promotion and it is called Sale-A-Bration or SAB. SAB has three parts which, to my ears, sounds like “something for everyone.” It ends March 31. Here are the three parts with a brief description:

  1. For every $50 in product you put in your shopping cart, you may choose 1 absolutely FREE item out of a specially designed set of products and, just announced, a few regular products out of a current catalog. Some items are earned free with a minimum $100 order. You choose. All you have to do to get something free is make sure you have $50 of product in your cart.
  2. If you go for the gusto and fill your cart with $250 or more, then you get a bonus $25 in more free product that is 100% your choice. That is a bonus to the host rewards you’d already qualify for. For example, a $250 order earns 10% more free ($25) so when you add the bonus that ends March 31, that’d be $50!
  3. Instead of being a shopper, the 3rd option is to be a happier shopper by buying the Starter Kit and the 20% product discount that begins after you buy it. The Starter Kit is $99+ tax. It ships FREE. You put $125 (not a penny more) of absolutely anything you want in your cart PLUS, through March 31, you add ANY 2 stamp sets of your choice. Those sets could be to about a $101 value. No risk. No parties. No strings.

To shop, please click on the Shop Now button to the right.

To join, please click on the $99 Kit button to the right.

Please ask questions here or email me at [email protected]