Ending Discounts


The Year-End Closeout ends today.  If you have put it off, now is the time to pick up the products you want.  There is still a lot to choose from. Below are just some that are on sale.

Start the new year with some great savings.   This type of sale only happens once a year and today is the last day.  You can download the pdf here or see some of the items for sale below.  No matter what, all the products are available in my online store here while supplies last.  I hope you find some great deals.  


There is also an opportunity to pick up some retiring favorites before they are gone. Below is a picture of a few of the products retiring.  Are any of your favorites there?


You can shop until your hearts content.  It’s a great way to stock up and save some big bucks.  This year-end sale is always a great way to say goodbye to some great products as we make way for new ones next year.


Year-End Closeout Has Discounts

The Year-End Closeout has discounts on select items (see images below and link to them in my online store HERE) AND hones in on three categories of holiday products going forward. This is meant to assist you in your final shopping out of the holiday catalog.

Please refer to THIS LIST to see what is what:

  • Carryover items available continually through June 2 – on the list I shared it is the white lines or not-highlighted lines.
  • Items that will not be available after January 2 but will reappear in the 2020 holiday catalog (this is a new option and test for the future) – on the list I shared it is the yellow or highlighted items.
  • Items that will not be available after January 2 that will be considered retired (everything NOT on this list).

As a catalog winds down, items DO sell out as they are “while supplies last.”

Questions always welcome! StellarStamps@gmail.com or text me at 916.915.3840 (if you text, please include your name).