Stamparatus News

The exciting Stamparatus news is all about our new accessories that will help enhance your Stamparatus experience.  You can now get Grid Paper, Foam Mats and Plates. Purchase each of those accessories seperately as you need them.  Watch below as Brian tells you all about the new accessories available and a quick tutorial on using the Plates. 

The major benefit to the Stamparatus is being able to stamp multiple images that align on your card to create a design or pattern.  Cut your time in half and produce multiple cards. Swap out the plates and keep stamping.  It’s very easy to use this tool.  Another great feature is that is allows for adding a little more creativity with images and spacing.  Therefore, you can create layers of images and an array of colors.  If you don’t have a Stamparatus, pick one up today.  If you have a Stamparatus, you can pick up some of the accessories instead.

This Stamparatus news means that Stampin’ Up! is expanding the line and there could be more things to come.  If you don’t have a Stamparatus, visit my online store and get yours today.

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