· No More Bubbles – Place the bottle upside down (in a coffee
cup or other object). This makes it so
that the air bubbles to the top, which is really the bottom of the bottle. Remember do not shake the bottle!

· Keep the tip on the area that you are working on…completely
covering the area until done. If you get
a bubble…keep a pin handy to pop any bubbles that form.

· Some people keep a pin…a straight pin in the top of their
Crystal Effects to prevent it from clogging. Wipe the bottle tip so the pin does not affix permanently.

· Do not use a heat gun to speed up the drying time. The effect will not look good & will be
very bubbly.


Crystal Effects:

  1. Straight from the bottle. Slowly squeeze the bottle & fill in an area that you would like to appear raised & shiny.
  2. Painting it on with a paintbrush for a smooth glass-like finish.
  3. Apply Dazzling Diamonds for a little added glitz. You can put it on top or add glitter & CE onto a non-porous surface…swirling the glitter into the CE with a toothpick. Using a paintbrush…paint
         this glossy glitter onto your stamped work.
  4. Add color by adding a drop or 2 from a dye-based reinker.
  5. Use it as a glue (bows, pin backs, glass beads, wire, charms, etc.)