At the risk of repeating myself from the last time I participated in a Blog Tour/Hop, I love doing this! So much fun with a forgotten side-benefit and that is receiving kudos from peers (you!). Come on, how many of you reading this have a good friend, coworker or spouse who you show your handmade cards and 3-D projects to with that "look what I did!" face and they look at it, nod politely, then in a sort of blah voice say "that's nice." Well, I have one of those and I'm married to him! I read all the comments in my blog tour post and you all made my day… my month… my year! I have this very good ex-nun friend and she says "we all need our vessels refilled now and then." You refilled my vessel and I can't thank you enough for that. It sort of stoked my smoldering fire. I had sort of misplaced my stamping mojo over the holidays and I think I've now found it again!!

Here are my instructions. I hope I didn't forget anything but if I did, please say something by emailing me and I'll correct the instructions. Oh, and over the next day or so I'll be sharing some little things I learned that might help, such as "how do I know how wide of a strip of card stock to start with if I want a certain size after I scallop the edge?" I'm going to try to help you figure that out.

THANKS AGAIN for visiting me during the blog hop!

Open my Word file here for instructions and also see Pages section in right column of this blog: Download SA January 2010 Sale-A-Bration blog hop recipes