I'm gonna keep this reallllllyyy simple. This is a NO RISK opportunity.

If you were planning on ordering a total of $175 in product over the course of, let's say, the next 6-12 months then it's well worth your while to just buy a kit.

Stampin' Up! must be out of its mind {in a good way!} but I'm glad that they are because they are doing something never before seen in my 9+ years as a demonstrator – they are adding a FREE Big Shot ($99 value) OR $100 in the product of your choice to both the Standard and the Digital Starter Kits which are already super customizable!

The kit is worth $345 but now it's worth $445 but is only $175 + tax (ships FREE). Do the math – super WOW!!!!

What are you required to do? Only one thing. Submit orders totaling $300 every quarter BUT the quarter you sign up in is waived soooo if you sign up this month, you do not have your first deadline until March 30! If you think you & your friends can submit a total of $300 in orders between now and March 30, why not?

And rather than 20% off your order, a new demonstrator gets a special 30% off her first $150+ order placed within 45 days. If you chose $300 in product and used that 30% off, you'd be paying about $210 AND you get all the hostess benefits for FREE on a $300 order and you're done through March 30 with the next deadline June 30. Yup, that's right… you not only pay less than $300 but you get free stuff too! I hesitate to use the term "no brainer" as that might come off rude but it's one of those head-scratchers when I wonder why more customers don't do it. It's a deal very much in your favor.

If you don't want to submit $300 in orders between now and March 30 then that's fine! You still keep the kit and you drop out a long time from now – May 1. Doesn't May seem like a long, long time from now to just try it with NO RISK?

This is one of those things that has no surprises or hidden agendas. It's a better deal for you than it is for me BUT why should I be having all the fun? You can too and it may be via a wish list of things you'd be buying anyway….

I'm here for questions.

If you want to join, it takes about 15 minutes. Check out the contents of the Starter Kits here:

Download US_start_kit_0911(1)

Download US_start_kit_0611_digital

To sign up right now, click on the Join Now button here: http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/stellarstamps/jointhefun